Carpet Cleaning

The purpose of our Steam Cleaning & Hot Water Extraction process is not only
enhancing the appearance of your carpet but extending their life.
Removing the dirt and particles that settle deep within the fibers of your carpet are
necessary to prevent the damage it causes, reducing your carpets' wearable life.
Properly maintained and cleaned carpets will last much longer, resulting in lower overall
expense to the homeowner in comparison to replacement.

Upholstery & Furniture cleaning

The furniture in your home gets used on a daily basis, over time between the dirt on
your clothes, the oils from your skin, and even the spills from food and drinks take their
toll. Cleaning your upholstery will breathe new life into your furniture, and leave it
smelling great. So if your furniture is not showing major signs of wear, don't replace it,
we can clean it.

We offer both steam cleaning and dry bonnet cleaning processes for furniture

Additional Services

Deep Cleaning

Deodorizing / Sanitizing

Scotch-guard Protection

Pet Enzyme Treatment

Odor Elimination