Home Cleaning

Here at Amazing Cleaning Services, we are so much more than just a local house cleaning company, we are a life style.

We understand you may have specific cleaning needs.

To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a personalized cleaning program for each client. We have learned quite a bit about home cleaning and offer proven processes that allow you to live more, promote improved air quality keeping good indoor hygiene can significantly cut down on allergens such as pet dander and dust. Allergens are found in areas like bedding, drapes, upholstered furniture, carpets and area rugs. Cluttered areas may trap and hold dust particles that can trigger an allergic reaction, too.


Shower, tile & tub

Sink, counters & fixtures

Mirrors, windows


Hand- wash floor around toilet

Baseboards hand washed

Dust light fixtures

Remove high cobwebs

Spot wash cabinets exteriors

Lights switch plates

Remove trash, clean & reline trash can

Vacuum & wash floor


Linens changed on every bed (if provided)

Wipe-down/dust furniture

Hand-wash blinds

Dust picture frames

Wipe-down window sills & sashes

Hand- wash light switch plates

Wipe-down mirrors

Remove high cobwebs

Hand-wash baseboards

Remove trash, clean & reline trash can

Hand-wash ceiling fan Blades

Clean/vacuum floors


Remove high cobwebs

Spot wash cabinets exterior & (interior only if it’s empty)

Clean & disinfect counters

Clean small appliances

Clean dishwasher exterior

Load breakfast dishes into dishwasher

Scour sink & polish fixtures

Clean stove

Clean microwave

Clean oven

Clean Fridge exterior & (interior only if it’s empty)

Empty, clean & sanitize trash can

Vacuum & wash floor

Hand-wash baseboards

Common living areas

Hand-wash ceiling fan blades

Remove high cobwebs

Hand-wash blinds

Wipe-Down window sills & sashes

Hand-wash light switch plates

Wipe-down dust furniture

Dust pictures frames

Vacuum upholstered chair and couch

Wipe-Down you washer & dryer exterior

Hand-wash Baseboards

Clean glass on front door & French doors

Clean sliding glass doors

Vacuum/ Wash floors

Vacuum steps